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Interesting Links for 27-08-2012

  • Lance Armstrong drops fight against doping charges | Sport | guardian.co.uk
    A good summary of Armstrong's history.
    (tags: pro-cycling doping lance-armstrong )
  • Lance Armstrong's record will be left for history to decide | Richard Williams | Sport | The Guardian
    Here's a reminder that a Federal case against Armstrong (for misuse of USPS sponsorship funds) was dropped in February. And a reminder of why it matters to get rid of doping:

    "The isolated death of a man fuddled with amphetamine and alcohol and over-exerting himself in furnace-like conditions on the exposed slopes of the Mont Ventoux was one thing. A group of young riders dying in their sleep 20 years ago, their hearts no longer able to pump their artificially thickened blood through their veins, is quite another. "

    (tags: doping lance-armstrong pro-cycling )
  • Lance Armstrong's statement
    "I am a retired cyclist, yet USADA has lodged charges over 17 years old despite its own 8-year limitation."

    The real target here isn't Lance Armstrong, high-profile though he is. The real target is Pat McQuaid, head of UCI. USADA want to show that UCI knowingly turned a blind eye to doping and the best way to get that story out is to show they enabled Armstrong.

    (tags: lance-armstrong pro-cycling doping )
  • Christophe Bassons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Armstrong has a history of cracking down on people who speak out about doping and not doing anything about doping itself. "Bassons said Armstrong rode up alongside on the Alpe d'Huez stage to tell him "it was a mistake to speak out the way I do and he asked why I was doing it. I told him that I'm thinking of the next generation of riders. Then he said 'Why don't you leave, then?'""
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  • Armstrong Chases Down Simeoni Attack | Bicycling Magazine
    The most egregious case of Armstrong going after a whistleblower: "Lance Armstrong bolted out of the pack to join Filippo Simeoni, who had just before broken free himself in an attempt to bridge up to the break. On reaching the six-rider move, Simeoni said Armstrong looked over at him and smirked, "Bravo. Nice move." When Jose Vicente Garcia Acosta pleaded with Armstrong to drop back and let the break have an honest chance to continue, Armstrong reportedly told them he would gladly do that, under one condition: Simeoni was not to continue in the break, either. Faced with the choice of sinking the chances of six riders or his own, Simeoni drifted back to the pack, accompanied by Armstrong."
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  • Greg LeMond believes Lance Armstrong probe will show 'overwhelming' evidence - ESPN
    And there's the feud with Greg LeMond, of course.
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  • Jonathan Vaughters Talks Doping Reform
    "If you do make everything legal, believe me, some people are going to push things way beyond where they are now. So some people will say no to what is essentially suicide. So is the winner then the best athlete? No, it’s the guy who’s willing to risk his health more than anyone else."
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  • AFLD claims Armstrong was regularly tipped off about tests
    “The testers struggled to carry out spot checks without Lance Armstrong benefiting from a period of twenty minutes... We asked the tester for evidence of his authority. We looked at his papers but they were far from clear or impressive and we still had significant questions about who he was or for whom he worked... Armstrong went to take a shower before eventually providing a sample."
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  • Paul Kimmage: 20 Years On From Rough Ride | Cyclingnews.com
    Paul Kimmage has been blowing the whistle on this for twenty years and has got tired of being civil.
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  • Lance Armstrong & Paul Kimmage verbal battle at TOC - YouTube
    Kimmage maybe shouldn't have called Armstrong "a cancer on cycling", it just gave Armstrong a chance to use the "you said cancer and I used to have cancer so now I'm going to cry" defence.
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  • Paul Kimmage Interview: Armstrong, the UCI and the true winners of those Tours
    Hopefully UCI will drop their lawsuit against Kimmage now. "Is Pat McQuaid going to resign as he should do, tomorrow, saying, ‘look, sorry here folks, we should never have taken this money. I should never have stood up and acclaimed Hein Verbruggen as the best cycling official the sport has ever had. I should never have defended Lance Armstrong at every opportunity in the last ten years.’ Is he going to say that? Not a chance, but that’s what he should say if he had any degree of integrity at all."
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  • Do the people who are running cycling really want to clean it up? | Comment is free | The Observer
    Last word on the subject goes to Kimmage -- nothing particularly new in here but the Jonathan Vaughters story is another reminder that Armstrong was basically on the pro-doping side.
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(Thanks to andrewducker and FeedThisToThat)
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