wwhyte (wwhyte) wrote,

Ticket to Ride for four-year-olds

EM and I have been playing this version of Ticket to Ride, a version that works well for a kid and dad and has the advantage that it's very easy for the dad to choose moves such that the kid is always only just winning:

  1. Both take a ticket to start. You can start from either of the towns on the ticket.
  2. Turn three tickets faceup by the board.
  3. On your turn, place one segment of track, which has to join on to your current track.

    • Score one point for each train you placed.
    • If you reach a town on a face-up ticket, take the ticket and score another 5 points. If the town is on more than one ticket, take them all and score five for each. You only score for towns that aren't already connected

  4. If tickets were taken, bring the number of face-up tickets back to three. If you turn up a ticket where both towns are already connected, put it out of play and draw another one.
  5. First to 100 wins!

Compared to, say Sorry!, the kid needs more help, but it's easy to give her enough information to let her make her own decisions and it has a nice flavour of a grown-up game.
Tags: games
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