wwhyte (wwhyte) wrote,

The Dalek Master Plan in the style of new Doctor Who

DALEKS: We shall invent a time machine to destruct time and we shall travel through time and wherever we find spare time or time that is not full of DALEKS we shall destruct it.
DOCTOR: But! If you travel through time, you will find lots of books about ME! And how I am fantastic. And you will give up. So you should give up now instead. Because of TIME.
DALEKS: No. We will travel through time and destroy all the books we would have read about you. Then we will destroy all of us who have heard about the book. For the sake of morale. We will destroy all of ourselves so we may continue. There will be one harmless Dalek left who knows nothing. And travels through time.
DOCTOR: I don't know if this counts as winning or losing.
DALEKS: With a companion.
Tags: doctor who
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